Thursday, February 23, 2017

Church Picture

Rarely do I see something on Instagram and think, "Oh, I have to have that!" There are lots of, "Ooooh, that's pretty!" or "If I found that at a yard sale, wouldn't that be awesome?" Now, let's clear up the "have" part...I don't have to "have" anything, but the church theme (being a pastor's home, here), the colors matching my dresser, and the fact that it came from Kirklands so it would be closer to my budget than some fancy online company had me reeeeeealllly wanting this picture. *Yes, I'm fully aware that previous sentence would flunk me out of English grammar class.
We were in town with a Kirklands and so I ran in to see if they had them. There was one on the shelf and I picked it up, but there was no price tag. I sat it back down and wandered around the store. Finally, I decided to just ask the cashier and if it was too much, I'd just turn it down. After more than one person looking it up in their data base and finally finding it in their books behind the counter, they found the price and it was even on sale! Saweet!
For now, I have it above my dresser. It's a different shape than most pics, so it was a little more challenging to style. And, if you've been around here for awhile, you know it'll move eventually. ;)

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Lights

Thanks to the Hobby Lobby clearance, we now have new lights up in our living room and dining room. The fans were not my favorite and since we hardly ever used them, we traded them out.
Having already walked down the clearance aisle, and finding nothing I could get through life without, I headed towards the front. I had no intention of even going down the lighting aisle, but I spotted a yellow clearance tag hanging off the light. I loved the light, so naturally I walked over to check it out. I figured it would probably still be one of those deals that would be left behind. They were originally $80 something and they were marked down to $20 something. What made the deal even sweeter was the gift card I had just received for Christmas. After recently pricing similar lights at Lowes, I found out this was a better deal than I originally thought.
Hubby had to do some electrical faniggleriggin'. They were originally the kind that had a cord to turn the light on, but I clearly did not want a big black cord going across my ceiling and down the wall to plug in to an electrical outlet. Hubs saved the day...again. ;)
They make the rooms feel more open because the fan spread out much further in diameter.
Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Table Transfer

I shared on Instagram, a few months back, that I had moved our table into the "piano room" once we put down laminate flooring. I can not remember if I posted here, so just in case I did not, I moved our table into the "piano room." You're welcome. ;)
I liked the switch, but it took up the space we were used to having as a walk-thru. Brittany mentioned moving the table off to the side, but I couldn't try it until after the Christmas chaos was put back into place.
I'm kinda really liking it!
Of course, that meant I had to move some wall décor.
You probably remember my giant chalkboard that used to be in the kitchen.
Now I have to find something for that wall. It's a vicious cycle in this house, I'm tellin' ya!
We bought this table at a yard sale right after we were married. Hubs gave a it a fresh sanding and coat of stain last fall. Looks much better than my "wing-it" job. I'm pretty sure we've gotten our 10 bucks worth.
The toolbox was found in my hubby's grandparents' barn. Those trusty Ikea plants made great filler. BTW...they are $2 cheaper than last year...just a free plug. HA!
 If you're paying attention, you'll see a sneak peak of something else we switched up.
Sending spring thoughts,

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mantel; Take 2,849

Shockers! The o' mantel has gone through another overhaul. Seriously, though, it's 70 degrees outside and the sun is shining brightly. That means, "So long, winter décor!" Tomorrow we will probably have a snow storm. This winter has been very unique.
I've been craving simplicity and less clutter. So, I rummaged around in the things I already had. Naturally, I'll have to fix the spot I removed them from, but it's what I do. HA!
Farmer's Market Sign: Down Grace Lane
Windmill: Hobby Lobby
Topiaries: Christmas Tree Shops
Candlesticks: Michaels

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Upstairs Find

The carpet upstairs had reached its prime. We'll just leave it phrased that way.
Hubs had talked to a guy that lived here as a kid and he remembered there being hardwood floors. You know what that means. We commenced ripping and tearing out. Sure enough! It needs some work, but I'm contemplating painting it for less work.
I have talked with fellow bloggers about what they used and how it held up, so I'm leaning further toward that being my decision. They had positive things to say, if you use the right paint and follow instructions.
There is not much natural light up here because of the roof line only allowing small windows. It would lighten the area up, which would make my heart happy.
Naturally, that led to switching things up a little around my desk.
The majority came from yard sales.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winter Touches

Anyone else struggle with taking Christmas décor down and knowing what to put up next? It isn't time to bring out the spring blooms and greenery, but then most winter items look Christmasy.
Our friend, Zenia, has some beautiful prints that took care of that dilemma. She has more than just snowy pictures, but since I was in need of something for my go-between, that is what caught my eye. Every time I drive by an old barn, it grabs my attention. I love them, so it was a no brainer I would get one as a print.
I styled it on my mantel, first.
But, I kinda like how it pops against the color on my dresser.
She is kindly offering a coupon code to her shop HOLLY LANE PRINT SHOP for 20% of off $20: THANKYOU.

It's snowy and cold here, but I'm enjoying the change from gloomy and rainy. At least it's bright!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

O Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things is the glow of the Christmas tree. Something about sitting on the couch in the evening and watching the lights give off a warm cozy feeling around the room. I love driving by houses and seeing their trees lit up in the window. There is something calming about it for me and it makes me a little gloomy when it gets put away for the next year.
 The tree décor is basically the same as last year, with the added exception of a couple new ornaments. You win a prize if you can find them...hahaha.
 Pillow: So Vintage Chic
One of our "tree" traditions is to take the kiddos pics around it. I incorporated last year's pic into my mantel décor this year.
Here is this year's pic.
 I found the skis at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I'm contemplating doing a winter themed mantel after the new year, but my intentions don't always come to reality. Perhaps if I hint at it, who am I kidding?