Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Table Transfer

I shared on Instagram, a few months back, that I had moved our table into the "piano room" once we put down laminate flooring. I can not remember if I posted here, so just in case I did not, I moved our table into the "piano room." You're welcome. ;)
I liked the switch, but it took up the space we were used to having as a walk-thru. Brittany mentioned moving the table off to the side, but I couldn't try it until after the Christmas chaos was put back into place.
I'm kinda really liking it!
Of course, that meant I had to move some wall décor.
You probably remember my giant chalkboard that used to be in the kitchen.
Now I have to find something for that wall. It's a vicious cycle in this house, I'm tellin' ya!
We bought this table at a yard sale right after we were married. Hubs gave a it a fresh sanding and coat of stain last fall. Looks much better than my "wing-it" job. I'm pretty sure we've gotten our 10 bucks worth.
The toolbox was found in my hubby's grandparents' barn. Those trusty Ikea plants made great filler. BTW...they are $2 cheaper than last year...just a free plug. HA!
 If you're paying attention, you'll see a sneak peak of something else we switched up.
Sending spring thoughts,


  1. Like it. I think I figured out the sneak peek.

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  3. I went back and found the post about the flooring. How is the laminate hold up in the kitchen?

    1. So far, it's fabulous! It is sooooo much better than the vinyl that was down before. Some people prefer tile, but I'm just not a fan of it. This cleans really easy, too. The design we chose is also great at hiding things because it looks more like rustic hardwood instead of a smoother design. Hope that helps.

    2. Thank you. I have found a laminate I want and will be putting in my living room and a long hallway. I want it in my kitchen but I am afraid of water damage and grease. I do not like tile either, because I have a tendency to drop things.