Wednesday, February 22, 2017

New Lights

Thanks to the Hobby Lobby clearance, we now have new lights up in our living room and dining room. The fans were not my favorite and since we hardly ever used them, we traded them out.
Having already walked down the clearance aisle, and finding nothing I could get through life without, I headed towards the front. I had no intention of even going down the lighting aisle, but I spotted a yellow clearance tag hanging off the light. I loved the light, so naturally I walked over to check it out. I figured it would probably still be one of those deals that would be left behind. They were originally $80 something and they were marked down to $20 something. What made the deal even sweeter was the gift card I had just received for Christmas. After recently pricing similar lights at Lowes, I found out this was a better deal than I originally thought.
Hubby had to do some electrical faniggleriggin'. They were originally the kind that had a cord to turn the light on, but I clearly did not want a big black cord going across my ceiling and down the wall to plug in to an electrical outlet. Hubs saved the day...again. ;)
They make the rooms feel more open because the fan spread out much further in diameter.
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