Thursday, December 10, 2015

Christmas Time is Here

And, if I just got that song stuck in your head by making that my title, I apologize immensely. That song is on my list of "drives me bonkers." <----My hubby will testify to the fact that it doesn't take much to make that happen.
We have seen some awesome home tours on here from Brittany, Hannah, and Tricia. I thought about just skipping mine because you've already seen some great inspiration, but alas, I actually cleaned my house for the pics (or, in some cases scooted things out of the way) and I wanted to document the rarity.
I'd tell you to grab a cup of coffee with me like millions of bloggers do, but since I'm being honest here, I'd rather go grab a Coke slushie, or a Christmas cookie, or some peanut m&m's, or a bowl of Blue Bell ice cream. Whatever.
Welcome to our humble abode, where our budgets are thrifty, the messes are many, the floors are stickier, the laundry is higher, but our hearts are fuller.
Remember the post about the tradition of taking our kiddos' pic around the tree? The Parsonage Queen created me a pillow to represent that and I. Love. It.
 The plaid pillows and matching throw were made from a table cloth.
 Rejoice Sign can be found at Down Grace Lane.
I found this spool thingymabob at a yard sale and turned it into a side table for the time being. The lamp came from a thrift store.
 The vintage bicycle basket came from a junk show via my SIL, tree from a yard sale, and books and galvanized tin from hubby's junk.
 I borrowed the basket from my SIL and planned my mantel around it.
 If you've followed my personal blog, you've seen the majority before.

Next we move into what I believe is supposed to be a dining room, but we use it as a catch-everything-we-don't-have-room-for-anywhere-else room. To be brief, the piano room.
The frame came from a thrift store, as did the lamps. The wreath is from Dollar Tree and a little scrawny, so I just put it with another scrawny wreath I had.
 The box is from a yard sale and the decorative balls came from Goodwill.
This built-in is also in the same room and holds our Christmas card station.
One of my favorite spots: 
It's a place that is walked by all the time, so it is a great reminder of the season's true meaning.
Next stop is the kitchen. 
 Bet you can't guess where I got the wreaths this summer...
Same place I got the Thermos's.
Hot Cocoa & Coffee sign is available at Down Grace Lane.
I love this little spot, too. The lantern and fire truck came from hubby's stash, but the fire truck reminds me of my Dad.
Went all out for my chalkboard this year.
The Coke crate also came from hubby's junk. I think I'm seeing a pattern that hub's has too much junk. Since it's working in my favor, we'll let it slide for the time being.
Well, whatever your blog reading treat may have been, I hope you enjoyed it. May it have been calorie free and hip reducing. If it was chocolate, I'll email you my address to share.
Hope you all have a blessed Christmas! May you be surrounded by people you love, your hearts filled with His Presence, and your lives filled with joy.


  1. Love everything!!! I think I need that hot cocoa sign.;) It would be perfect for the hot beverage bar I will be setting up for Christmas Day! Off to buy a sign:):)

  2. Looks awesome!!! Not sure what you were worried about!!! Lol!

    1. I agree! She gets all worried then knocks it outta the park every time. LOL!

  3. Girl, you just have the touch. I love every photo, every detail. So much awesomeness.

  4. I Loooovvveee the spool end table.