Monday, December 14, 2015

A Little More Christmas....

Is it Monday again already? Christmas is coming fast! I gotta get my shopping all finished up. But first, let me show you a peek into our cozy holiday bedroom... 
I love the smell of the fresh wreath when I'm going to bed. It's like aromatherapy. 
I'm loving the plaid flannel sheets (From TJ Maxx) but Carson says it looks like my bed is wearing pajamas. LOL! 

I made this little pillow, because it's always a great time for a nap, am I right?! 

 The rest of our bedroom is just as simple, neutrals with bits of red here and there.

Hannah, one of our guest posters from a few posts back, really inspired me. I absolutely loved her huge chalkboard, so when I found this big antique mirror at a thrift store, I knew just what to do with it. It makes a great chalkboard for our hallway! This is where we display our Christmas cards every year.  
 I LOVE big statement pieces - it looks more simple and less cluttered than using lots of smaller things.

These pillows are from my etsy shop, The Parsonage Queen.

We have one more special guest coming this week, and you're not going to want to miss it!


  1. It all looks so good! And that chalkboard is perfect.:)

  2. I absolutely love the pillow you made. Will you be adding it to your Etsy shop?

    1. Thanks so much! But, no, I won't be selling any more burlap covers. The heat transfer vinyl isn't adhering very well, sadly. I will only be selling cotton or canvas covers from now on. I may list this design next winter in time for Christmas, but I'm not making any more Christmas items this year.