Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Christmas Traditions

Many of us have traditions that we enjoy during the Christmas season. For some, those traditions have been passed on from previous generations while others may be brand new. I've seen many, and more, and lots, and still some more ideas floating around Pinterest and Facebook and one year I tried them all. Ok, maybe not that extreme, but I realized not everything is to our family's liking. And, that's ok.
We don't do Elf on the Shelf. I find many of the pictures humorous and there are some seriously creative peeps out there, but this Mama would go insane and ship him back to the North Pole. We tried the book wrapping idea and they liked it the first year, but didn't the next. I'm sure we'll try other things that we will love and some not so much. (Trying new traditions may become our tradition). Heehee!
Some of our favorites are:
Baking Cookies-I will admit that this one just about drives me batty because the icing and sprinkles end up EVERYWHERE!! Last year, I gave everyone their own individual decorating stations and got in mine and just blocked it out.
Wrapping Paper-We let the kids pick out their own wrapping paper. They love it! Simple, but they always have something in mind when it's time. This year, Frozen and Peanuts were the choices.
Sleeping by the Tree-The night before we open gifts, the kiddos sleep in their sleeping bags by the tree.
Christmas caroling, church programs, Christmas dinners are all things we enjoy, too.
One of my personal favorites was started the year we moved here. It gets me all sentimental and mushy-gushy inside. It makes me wanna grab my kids and put bricks on their heads so they'll stop growing. It makes me wanna hold them and not let them go. It makes me realize time is speeding by and to treasure these moments. It makes me wanna cry. It makes me smile. It makes me proud. It makes me emotional. I think you get the point.
I'd love to hear what some of you favorite traditions are. I may need to add them to our list to try. :)


  1. I love this! And I agree, not every tradition is for every family 😁 I'm totally in love with your pics around the tree, you can really see how they grow from year to year! And those Christmas jammies are just precious.

  2. I love having Christmas traditions!!! I've found the ones that i had as a child seem to be what my little family sticks with even now.