Thursday, February 23, 2017

Church Picture

Rarely do I see something on Instagram and think, "Oh, I have to have that!" There are lots of, "Ooooh, that's pretty!" or "If I found that at a yard sale, wouldn't that be awesome?" Now, let's clear up the "have" part...I don't have to "have" anything, but the church theme (being a pastor's home, here), the colors matching my dresser, and the fact that it came from Kirklands so it would be closer to my budget than some fancy online company had me reeeeeealllly wanting this picture. *Yes, I'm fully aware that previous sentence would flunk me out of English grammar class.
We were in town with a Kirklands and so I ran in to see if they had them. There was one on the shelf and I picked it up, but there was no price tag. I sat it back down and wandered around the store. Finally, I decided to just ask the cashier and if it was too much, I'd just turn it down. After more than one person looking it up in their data base and finally finding it in their books behind the counter, they found the price and it was even on sale! Saweet!
For now, I have it above my dresser. It's a different shape than most pics, so it was a little more challenging to style. And, if you've been around here for awhile, you know it'll move eventually. ;)

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  1. I just discovered your blog & have been browsing the archives. I love your home & am gleaning ideas! I had to comment on the picture. My house isn't a pastor's house but I do love churches. I decorate with churches in my dining/kitchen area. I just kind of fell into it but it fits with my decor & I love the beauty of them. This is definitely a picture I would add if I found it for the right price too!