Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Coffee Bar

Just skip the measly cup and someone invent a coffee IV, already. Anyone else? I'm talking gallons per unit. Where there is no need to sip due to burning your tongue, but it flows straight to your bloodline with all of its caffeine goodness. One punch of the button and you instantly jolt back alive and kick up your heels to start the day! Could someone get on that, please? Thanks.
Continuing on with the actual point of this post...
I recently, recently being used very loosely, purchased a hanging scale from my SIL. I have wanted one for a long time and finally took the plunge and bought it.
Here is where she, the scale-not my SIL, hangs:
Purdy, ain't it? I used to have the coffee maker on the other side, but it was a little inconvenient trying to fill the water up. Especially when it's dark outside and you're trying to get the day started before the munchkins and your eyes refuse to open and your hands won't budge to work.
See that cute little tea towel reminding you of that blessed goodness called pie? It's from So Vintage Chic and she is offering our followers a coupon: CHAPELCOTTAGE. Let me know what you couldn't live without.
If you'll excuse me, I'm off to invent that IV and to make my fame and fortune in this world.

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