Saturday, November 5, 2016

Chippy is my love language.

Happy Saturday, friends! 
I saw this perfectly chippy and gorgeous old door out by the road in our neighborhood, so naturally, I begged my hubby to run over there and grab it for me. 
Isn't she a beauty???
But wait.  It gets better. 
Oh yes, it does.
When he went over to get it, the old man came out and said he had 11 old doors if he wanted them, too. Yes, ELEVEN. Say what?! Um, yeah, we want them! There's even a lovely chippy aqua blue one in the pile. That made my heart sing for reals. 

I'm already excited about decorating this corner up for Christmas! 

I'll leave you with a piccy of my sweet Ollie boy, because he's just so stinkin' cute. Even if he stole my favorite chair and claims it as his own...

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