Wednesday, October 12, 2016

It's Fall Y'all!

I'm seeing Christmas stuff popping up in all the stores, and I'm just like, wait, what did I miss here, has fall even got here yet??? We're still having 90 degree weather here in the beautiful south. And this girl ain't complaining. Nosiree. I'm loving it. Those cold dreary days when the kiddos get crazy wild with cabin fever will come soon. enough. 
My fall decor is pretty simple, nothing fancy here. I love my neutrals and lately I've had the urge to purge. I'm loving simple styles, and I'd love to lose some of my clutter!

Yeah, this piccy has nothing to do with fall, there's nary so much as a pumpkin in it. 
But Ollie was just so cute... 
Humor me.

If things go like they have for the last 15 years, my notorious black thumb of death will have it's way with the mums and they'll be conked out in no time. But still I try...

I needed a new table out here on the porch so I asked hubby to bring a spool home from work. (And he did, cuz he's sweet like that.) I just love it! I probably love it even more because it was free. Haha! Aren't free things just the best??
So I'll just be sittin' out here enjoying these last warm summer days, sippin' on my sweet tea, and whenever fall decides to actually show up, I'm ready for it. 


  1. Your fall decor is so beautiful! I like the clean simple decor too. Your porch is so wonderful! I would love to hang out there!

  2. It all looks great! I'm craving simplicity, but don't know how to get there.

  3. What clutter, Brittany? Your house is gorgeous as usual, you are a very good decorator. I love your church window over the fireplace and your front porch is gorgeous!!! Enjoy your hot weather, we in Manitoba Canada have already had snow flurries. I love the heat of our summers but I'm very glad we get cool weather in the Fall.
    Enjoy your day!