Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Girl's Room Redo

My little girly is not quite so little anymore. Many of her things had seen better days, so we decided it was time to upgrade her room. After giving her a firm no to an "Elsa" theme, she was pretty excited about doing the colors coral and mint green.
My first step in bedroom decorating is to find the bedding. We hunted high and low and never could find what we were looking for. I finally decided to just go with a white quilt (IKEA) and make her an accent throw in those colors (Hobby Lobby material). This room redo took waaaaaaaaaay longer than it should have because of that very last sentence. If it involves sewing, I'm the last person to jump in and get it done. HA!
 I have wanted to attempt stripes for a long time, but could never decide where. I love them in here!
I knew I wanted to involve some fellow makers in this room redo. The polka dots are wall stickers from my friend Just the Frosting. They are super easy to use and peel easily off of your wall. She has oodles of designs, including quotes and customs.
I made the sign as the same as others from my Down Grace Lane. A friend had posted this quote on Facebook and I loved it. I want her soul to be beautiful with Jesus and we've already read this and talked about it some. I want it to be a reminder to her, as well as me.
I spray painted her old bookshelf to match.
The adorable little giraffe reminds me of my niece. My friend Theresa's Crochet Shop made it and has so many adorable others. Oh my! They are just all so stinkin' cute!
Isn't he just so keeeeeuuuute?!
For fun, kicks, and giggles, I even painted her closet door. It gives that side of the wall a nice pop of color without having to add much d├ęcor.
There are several of my maker friends on this wall. The cute wooden heart cutout is from Aces of Oregon. It matches perfectly. I got the frame around it at a yard sale and spray painted it to match. I love how it pulls out the heart.
The cute little bike art is from Details2Enjoy. I did a separate post on how it was put together. Another unique shop with lots of fun things!
I won the mason jar art in an IG giveaway from Kate's Crafty Heart. Super cute! She customized it with her name. Of course my daughter thought that was very cool since nothing has her name on it.
The "Fearfully & Wonderfully Made" is handpainted by Handcrafted Brunette. She is amazing and has so much cuteness in her shop.
All of these makers are on Instagram and I would encourage you to check them out.
The gumball machine was spray painted to match, but her little brother has rubbed some off of the top from trying to sneak in and help himself.
I'm kicking myself because I passed up a chandelier at a yard sale. That would have been so cool to spray paint and hang in here. I'm keeping my eye out. Maybe something better will come along.

On a humorous note: This quilt is massive and tucked in strategically to get it to lay right. We had revival coming, so I told her to sleep with her little brother in the next room. This way the bed stayed made. LOL! However, she has slept in there since.

So, we still have a pretty made bed.

Thank you to my maker friends for collaborating with me with your products.


  1. Love it! As I was reading your post, I wondered if she had slept in there yet:) LOL--my question was answered­čśä So excited for her!

  2. I just love everything about this room from the polka dots right down to the closet door! You have a great eye for putting things together. Very impressed with the throw, too! ��

  3. Love it. Can't wait to see it in real life.

  4. Your daughter's bedroom is beautiful! I have a foster daughter who is nine and I am looking for ideas to decorate her room with, I'll show this to her and see what she thinks.
    You are a talented lady!