Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Bye Bye Nursery....

...Hello big boy room! My youngest is 5, and the poor guy was still sleeping in a crib converted to toddler bed, so yeah, it was time. We had so much fun putting this space together. He loves fish, and anything having to do with ocean life, so when I saw this quilt set on Zulily, I knew it would be perfect for him.
This little guy has been thoroughly enjoying his big bed! It's so cute to see him in it, it makes him look so little. I found the vintage tube style bed on craigslist, and spray painted it a pretty aqua blue color. Oh my goodness, I just love it! It just makes the whole room.

We hung 3 vintage skateboards, that we got from various places, over his bed.
The Roll -n- Surf one is my absolute favorite. Love that gorgeous color!

I just gotta tell you, if you need good storage, this little storage unit is $37 at Walmart and you would not believe how big the cubed bins are, we've got tons of stuff in there! And it makes a perfect little nightstand. I was also thrilled to find the lamp, in the exact same color as the bed, at T.J. Maxx.
He has really become interested in drawing lately, so we hung a vintage chalkboard down low on the wall so he could have a drawing space. He has really been enjoying that. And it always makes me smile when I go in there and see his latest piece of art. I asked him to draw a picture on it before I took pictures for this post. He says, Sure! And then he proceeded to write a huge HO on there. He said it's an O and an H! I'm like yeah, but in that order I'm afraid it's not super appropriate for a blog post... LOL!

The big whale on the wall, the W, and the whale frame were all from Hobby Lobby, on sale or with a coupon, of course!
So that's it - a whale of a big boy room! It's always kinda sad when you put away all the sweet nursery things, but it's also fun to watch them grow up, too.



  1. Wow Brittany! You do have a great style! I love the big boy room, you've inspired me to look for more ways to decorate my foster children's rooms. You always find the greatest stuff!