Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Cheap Mirror Knockoff

I love the huge mirrors seen floating around Pinterest and Instagram that have a rounded top and framed sections.
 Source: Liz Marie Blog
 Source: Zillow
Source: Home by Ally
I have yet to find one in my budget. So, when I saw these at Family Dollar for $12 I figured I could reach a compromise.
 I knew there had to be a way to spray paint them even if it meant taping off the mirrors. The back came off, but there were about 39 screws in each one. No joke. Each section was an individual mirror. Oy! The fun part was putting them back together.

All that aside, I sprayed and then took a sander and gave it a pretty distressed look.

No matter how I took the pics, something in them looked crooked. I'm going to blame it on a older home and say the flooring is off. LOL. It's also in a small hallway area and I had to stand in the bathroom to get them.

As you can see, I moved my cabinet from the school room to here. Love it!

Cabinet: Junk Show brought home by Hubs
Mirrors: Family Dollar
Room and Board Signs: Down Grace Lane
Typewriter & Box: Yard Sale
Olive Bucket & Wreath: Hobby Lobby


  1. Super cute!!! I've been hoping to happen across one of the big ones for cheap. No luck yet.:(

  2. Love it! You have such a beautiful home! Have you made any changes to your homeschool room recently? Homeschool rooms fascinate me!

    1. I have totally dismantled it. Lol. I moved my cabinet down. I'm thinking about doing it downstairs this year because there is so much more light. It got really depressing last year.

  3. This is a genius idea! What a lovely blog y'all have! Nice to meet y'all. Angela here!

  4. I bought the same mirror. How did u securely hang yours? Right now i have picture hanging wire around 2 of the screws but noticed that the backing is giving way.

  5. Really smart and creative idea. Love it!!