Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Farmhouse Living Room

I do not even remotely live in a farmhouse, or even in the country, but I love the décor that is popping up everywhere! Perhaps I am what they are calling "modern farmhouse." Basically, we're "wannabe's." HA!
Slowly, but surely, I've been making some changes to my living room.
Room & Board Set: Down Grace Lane
I have had these feeders for a couple of months. I picked them up at this cool shop that had a lot of vintage reproductions. I had a spot in the house all picked out, but alas, like usual, they did not work there. So, life got busy and I just threw them in my bench where I keep my extra decorations. They were forgotten about for a bit until I opened the lid needing something. Gasp!! The poor little things needed something done with them.
One of the problems was that I wasn't sure what to put in them besides greenery. I am pretty sure I am breaking some kind of décor decorum rule by using too much. Instead of a farmhouse, I live in a fake greenhouse. :) On the other hand, is there such a thing as too much greenery?
This fan is also about to take a hike. I found something on a recent trip to Franklin, TN with the hubs that I'm hoping he can fanigglerig into a light.
The sun is shining today and done a wonder to the o' mood! We have had lots of rain and it has just lifted my spirits! Be blessed today, friends!

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