Saturday, May 28, 2016

Shiplap Bathroom Update

Well. you know how it goes. I started out just repainting the bathroom and before it was over somehow it had gotten a  whole makeover. 

 This before photo was taken about 6 years ago, and nothing had changed in there since then. It was TIME, people.

Bye bye chocolate milk brown, hello clean white shiplap!
Cuz shiplap is my jam. 
I bought 3 cheap outdoor rustic looking lights at Home Depot, and my very handy hubby spliced them all together and made it work. Super cheap way to get the farmhouse style!

The cabinet got a fresh coat of Watery from Sherwin Williams, one of my favorite colors ever. I've used it on so many things.

The before photo of the shelves...

And after. 
So. Much. Brighter!

 Here's the before shot of the potty side...

This space was just too tiny to be so brown. It feels like it doubled in size! One of these days, I'll do something about all the tile, but today is not that day... So for now, it stays.

And this has to be my favorite thing in the whole room.
I had an idea for a beachy sign in my head, so of course, I went to Jenny and Down Grace Lane with my idea, described what I had in mind to her, and she whipped it out like magic. It was exactly what I wanted! She's pretty awesome like that. 

So that's the whole grand tour of my very tiny bathroom. I'm tickled pink with how it all turned out, and I just love how much brighter it is. It feels so fresh and clean! 


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