Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wooden Box Planters

It has been one of those weeks in the parsonage, so this is gonna be short and sweet.
These wooden box planters have been around blogville for several years. I had always wanted them, but did not know where they came from. A few years back I stumbled across them in TJMaxx, but I only had a space for one and just bought the one. I regretted that for a long time!
Well, wouldn't you know, a few weeks ago Décor Steals had them as their daily deal. Most of the time I think they're not really a "steal" for this yard sale loving gal, but this time it was actually reasonable. I think that might have been my quickest online purchase I've ever made. HA!
And, now, my house is starting to resemble a greenhouse. LOL.
I am fully aware that the greenery I chose probably does not resemble the actual herb listed. I am ok with that. My OCD has not quite reached that level.
I am also aware that this is the only type of plant I can keep "alive."
Think spring,


  1. I like them and it's OK since each planter has a different greenery. It would look strange if it was all the same greenery!