Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Porch Decor

I love having a front porch and I love Christmas decorations, so naturally I love coming home to a lit up house. It has been in the high 60's and mid 70's here, so it, of course, turned rainy and chilly when I went to take the pictures today. I think the warmer weather helped everyone get festive with their outside décor. We've seen a lot more houses with lights and our street is lit up like a Christmas tree. Ba-dum-cshhhhhhh! ;)
My porch kinda transpired into a Christmas tree farm, but I'm cool with that. All of my trees came from yard sales or Goodwill and I've almost concluded you can never have too many trees. Almost. I'm sure everyone around me thinks I'm nuts. Especially my neighbors watching me take pics. Why in the world didn't she do it on Saturday when it was really warm? But, I digress...
I had one plaid blanket that I had picked up at a yard sale this summer. However, when Brittany mentioned that Big Lots had them for cheap, I knew I "needed" two.
This little guy also came from Big Lots. He was more than I would normally pay, but since he was the right thing and everything else came from thrifting, I went ahead and splurged. Pan and lantern came from hubby's junk.
As I watched my porch slowly transform into a tree farm, I knew I needed one of our signs from Down Grace Lane. The cabinet, skates, and cream separator are thrifted. The sled is from hubby's junk.
 Cooler, lantern, and box...yard sales.
So, who's tired of my yard sale posts? ;) 



  1. I bet you inspired your street to "light up".

  2. This is so cute!! Yay for Big Lots! 😄

  3. Love it! Looks like a good place to sip on a cup of coffee!:):)