Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'll be Home for Christmas...

If you haven't checked out ThistleBerry Lane Farm, you owe it to yourself to drop by for a visit! Amanda is a super talented lady, and really has a knack for home design. She has recently renovated the guest cottage on their farm property, and now I'm dying to see the farm house when she finishes it! Thanks so much, Amanda, for being a guest poster here and sharing your Christmas cottage with us! 

I'll be Home for Christmas
You can plan on me-
Please have snow and mistletoe
And presents under the tree
Christmas Eve'll find me
Where the love light gleams
I'll be home for Christmas
If only in my dreams.

Welcome to ThistleBerry Farm- we are gearing up to be home for Christmas!
Since this is the first year in the Guest Cottage, decorating has been exciting and challenging. Re-purposing old decorations and finding the perfect spot for them is the theme of this year's creative activity.

The front porch has been dressed for Winter in plaid and berries. The pathway up to the Farm House has not been forgotten- with burlap bows and festive berry wreaths adorning the shutters.

The kitchen has been kept simple and neat- we do a lot of baking during the holidays - so practicality is a must! If it cannot be wiped needs to find another home! White trees paired with galvanized buckets are a cute and inexpensive way to create farmhouse cheer. The vintage basket light fixture is a great addition to the farmhouse kitchen!

This year we had to make a decision about what big tree to put up- (we have 6, but the cottage is too small for all of them) Autumn insisted it needed to be her's. So that's what we did- we used the white flocked tree, added her pale pink and blue ornaments and ribbons, shimmering reindeer, and wrapped the bottom in burlap. We dressed the birdcage with a floral arrangement that complemented the tree.  The galvanized typesetter's basket hung on the shiplap as a shelf peaks out and is a great resting place for a vintage, hand carved toy horse.

The Master bed has been dressed in it's warm woolens and furry softness. Adding texture is a great way to dress a bed for Christmas without being too literal.

The dresser that acts as our sofa table is dressed in crystal ornaments, white flocked greenery and burlap. A simple naked tree branch is hung with gold leafed crystal picks and catches the light beautifully. Santa and his reindeer are tucked away, nestled down in the burlap.

The Sitting Room has more of a vintage feel, with it's collection of antique St Nicks, trees dressed in burlap and pheasant feathers and the gold and brass deer accents.

The leather furniture adds a hint of masculinity, which (according to my husband) the cottage needed.  I kept these trees simple- burlap, feathers, and gold accents. The bookshelves are decked out with the same theme- and I borrowed a page from Joanna Gaines, and reversed the books- The colorful spines of the vintage books were just competing with the Christmas decor way too much.

The Nativity is placed in the window, the afternoon light radiates around it and the figures glow. It is a great way to remember the real Reason for such a wonderful Season! Our prayer for your family is that you invite Him to your home for Christmas.

Blessings- The Dodds


  1. Wow!! Thank you for sharing your home with us.

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