Saturday, March 4, 2017


Guys, it is a glorious 70 degree sunshiny day and this girl is soaking it UP. Just makes me giddy all over for SPRING!
We're cleaning out flower beds and wearing our flip flops. 
Good times, I tell ya.

My living room is very neutral, so I don't have to do much to transition from winter decor to spring.
 (That's why I love my neutrals!)
But, hey, nothing says spring quite like tulips, am I right?! 
Put out some tulips, and wham, you've got spring decor.

I'm also LOVING the new gray and white check pillow covers from IKEA. You just can't go wrong at 2.99 apiece. 

 Do y'all think God can speak to you while you're shopping at Hobby Lobby? He certainly can. He doesn't often nudge me to buy stuff, but today, I was browsing through the store and came across this tiny little sign. It was just like God spoke directly to me through that little sign on the shelf. 
He said "hey, Sis, you need that. 
You need that reminder to let Me handle it all for you." 
And He was right. (He always is...) 
I've got so many things whirling around in my mind, 
concerns, worries, decisions...we all do. 
But I felt a load lift off me when I realized He's got this, and I don't have to worry about it! 
So yeah, that little sign, my own little hug from God, 
 came home with me today. 

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