Saturday, January 7, 2017

Winter Touches

Anyone else struggle with taking Christmas décor down and knowing what to put up next? It isn't time to bring out the spring blooms and greenery, but then most winter items look Christmasy.
Our friend, Zenia, has some beautiful prints that took care of that dilemma. She has more than just snowy pictures, but since I was in need of something for my go-between, that is what caught my eye. Every time I drive by an old barn, it grabs my attention. I love them, so it was a no brainer I would get one as a print.
I styled it on my mantel, first.
But, I kinda like how it pops against the color on my dresser.
She is kindly offering a coupon code to her shop HOLLY LANE PRINT SHOP for 20% of off $20: THANKYOU.

It's snowy and cold here, but I'm enjoying the change from gloomy and rainy. At least it's bright!

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