Thursday, January 12, 2017

Upstairs Find

The carpet upstairs had reached its prime. We'll just leave it phrased that way.
Hubs had talked to a guy that lived here as a kid and he remembered there being hardwood floors. You know what that means. We commenced ripping and tearing out. Sure enough! It needs some work, but I'm contemplating painting it for less work.
I have talked with fellow bloggers about what they used and how it held up, so I'm leaning further toward that being my decision. They had positive things to say, if you use the right paint and follow instructions.
There is not much natural light up here because of the roof line only allowing small windows. It would lighten the area up, which would make my heart happy.
Naturally, that led to switching things up a little around my desk.
The majority came from yard sales.

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