Thursday, December 15, 2016

O Christmas Tree

One of my favorite things is the glow of the Christmas tree. Something about sitting on the couch in the evening and watching the lights give off a warm cozy feeling around the room. I love driving by houses and seeing their trees lit up in the window. There is something calming about it for me and it makes me a little gloomy when it gets put away for the next year.
 The tree décor is basically the same as last year, with the added exception of a couple new ornaments. You win a prize if you can find them...hahaha.
 Pillow: So Vintage Chic
One of our "tree" traditions is to take the kiddos pics around it. I incorporated last year's pic into my mantel décor this year.
Here is this year's pic.
 I found the skis at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I'm contemplating doing a winter themed mantel after the new year, but my intentions don't always come to reality. Perhaps if I hint at it, who am I kidding?


  1. Your tree is so pretty! I just love it! The crinkly stuff on the tree is so cool! What is it? It looks so good with the burlap ribbon!

    1. It's like a dried Spanish moss stuff. I'm not exactly sure what it's called, but I got it at Hobby Lobby a few years back.

  2. Love love it! I too like the glow of the Christmas tree. When my kids were little, I'd let them fall asleep near the tree and put them to bed later.