Monday, June 27, 2016

Road Trip!

A few weeks ago, the hubby and I had the rare opportunity to take a little trip together, without the kids! Woohoo! This doesn't happen often, so we decided to make it a fun trip, even if it was just for a couple of days.
First stop, The Vintage Station in Bessemer, AL. Coolest place ever. It's a historical old train station, turned into a fabulous junkin spot. 

So many old windows, and I wanted them all.

I was wishing I had room to bring home a few of these beauties, too.

And these awesome railroad cart tables. Swoon...

 Then on to Vicksburg, MS, where we stayed in the amazing Duff Green Mansion Bed and Breakfast.
This place has a fascinating history. It survived the civil war by becoming a hospital for wounded soldiers on both sides. There's a hole in the ceiling where a canon ball came through, and blood stains on the original wood floors.

I wish I'd taken more pics  of the grounds, the courtyard was just gorgeous.

The rooms had 15.5 ft ceilings, and the super tall windows let in the most glorious light.

The entryway.

One of the sitting rooms...

I loved the detail on the ceilings!

The dining room.

And I didn't know until AFTER I'd reserved the room, that this mansion is famous for it's civil war ghosts. There are quite a list of accounts where people have seen a wounded confederate soldier, many say they've seen Mary Green, the lady of the house in her long victorian style dress, and others say they've seen young Annie Green, who died at the mansion at the age of 6. There were actually several rooms occupied by ghost hunters the night we were there, they were all set up with infrared cameras hoping to catch some action. Luckily, we received no visitors, spirit or otherwise, during our stay. LOL! I told my hubby, I'm pretty sure his snoring kept them all away. ;)


  1. Pretty sure there would have been another hole in the ceiling if you had encountered one. Lol! Looks like a very cool place.

    1. You are exactly right, pretty sure I would have left a Brittany shaped hole somewhere if we'd had any "visitors". LOL!