Tuesday, June 14, 2016

DIY Botanical Prints

I have been eye-balling Lauren from Blesser House and this pic for month's now.

When I was contemplating refreshing the living room decor, I knew I wanted botanical prints similar to this. I asked her where she got hers and found that she had got them from a vintage book. So, I've been scouring books at yard sales and thrift stores, but that was seriously like looking for a needle in a haystack. I had found free printables on Pinterest, but time went on and I never got them printed.
Several months ago, my hubby came home and brought in matching chunky frames that he had found at a thrift store for $1. Chalk one up for the hubs. I knew what I needed them for, but they sat, and sat, and sat.
Finally, the day came. We were on our anniversary trip and had stopped at an antique mall. They had all their books in sections labeled with their subjects. The garden books were front and center, so I randomly grabbed one and started flipping through it. It was close, but not quite. It would work, but the search continued.

I saw this book, and by the look's of the title, I figured it would just be pictures of the palace's gardens. However, after opening it up, I found it was what I was looking for and there were tons of options. Woohoo! Happy dance. I took it up to the cashier.
Cashier-"This looks like it would be an interesting read."
Me-"Actually, I'm gonna chop it up."

My frames didn't have any glass, so I went to Michaels (with coupons) and got poster frames that Wes cut down the plexi-glass and backing.

The next job was to figure out which prints I wanted to use and how many would fit in the frame.

I then distressed the edges to add some more vintage flair and to help them blend into the mount better. I just used the poster board frame's backing.
I had hoped to fit at least six in the frame, but that didn't happen.
The crate/tray was a souvenir from my anniversary trip, as well.
Still working on switching out the light. I found part of it at a junk store, but need to get the rest and Lowe's didn't have any. Rats!
Keep calm and summer on,


  1. Those could not have turned out better! They're so perfect in there! The frames and the book were all awesome finds.

  2. They look so pretty. I really love botanicals. Great idea using the backing and plexiglass from poster frames too!

  3. Beautiful! I keep looking out for a book with good botanical prints in myself, but I haven't happened across one yet. The search goes on!