Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Piano Room

Hobby Lobby clearance aisle did it again. It may or may not be a good thing that one is coming to town. OY! I spotted these mirrors and thought it would look really neat to put three side by side. I thought above my piano might work, but when I spread them out in the aisle, they looked too big. So, they stayed. I visited again a while later and they were still there, but I still wasn't sure if they would work. A few weeks later, I was back and the o' hubs was with me this time and he told me they should fit. So, since this was the 3rd time, I grabbed them.
 Wouldn't you know the clock was on the clearance aisle, too? And, I had 2 gift cards. Nicely done, Jenny. Nicely done.
The planter box was a $2 yard sale find. I am chomping at the bit to get started on the season again.
I'm thinking really hard about painting my piano. It was given to us and needs some TLC. What's your vote?



  1. No paint. Use old english and spify it up.

  2. I love it! I also love the boxes on the wall across the room! :) And I definitely would have more spare change if we DIDN'T have a Hobby Lobby in town. Good luck with that! ;)

  3. Nicely done indeed, Jenny! They look as if they belong right there above the piano that you should paint, absolutely. You have nothing to lose and it will look so much prettier painted, I think. :)