Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Dresser of Many Colors

If the furniture in my house could talk they would start hollering to one another, "Watch out! You're next. She has a paintbrush again." To be fair, hubs painted this for me, but nothing is safe here. Take this dresser-it's on paint color #3.
Wanna see?
It never knew what all it would go through. HA!
It started out in my daughter's nursery.
Then it moved to the boys' room.
It is now camping out in the living room serving as storage for my extra décor items that I rotate.
The cool little cabinet on top? FREE! My CC director knew I liked old things and invited us out to see if we wanted anything out of an old house they were tearing down. There were two of these drawer thingies sitting there and I am a sucker for old organizing cabinets. I might of squealed, if not out loud then my mind did. Even cooler is the chippy mint green paint.
Who knows how it will stay styled, but knowing me it won't stay the same for very long. HA!
Bunny Sign: Down Grace Lane
The paint color is Glass Tile from Valspar. We got an eggshell base to make it similar to chalk paint. I distressed it because in my house it will eventually become distressed, so I just helped it along. It actually shows some of the red paint in the sanded parts, but I like it. Gives it a more vintage vibe. The knobs have the same green color paint in the grooves, but you can't tell from the pictures. They came as a set of 6 from TJMaxx and were cheaper than even Hobby Lobby's 50% off sale.
I had about 5 paint samples to choose from and the longer I stared at them, the more I couldn't make up my mind. We made it to Lowes and I still couldn't decide. A couple were more green in color, while some seemed blue. I asked Wes his choice and he picked a blue color. I was leaning towards the green, but when I got to the paint counter I was not able to make a decision. So, I caved and handed the color Wes picked out to the man. When he put the sample on the lid, I loved it. And, it is a green color. Crazy paint. Lighting messes with it and obviously what is paired up next to it.
So, for now, the dresser has become a green. Stay tuned a couple years down the road when another paint brainstorm hits. HA!


  1. Nothing in my house is safe The only thing I havent painted is our "fireplace". Its a fake electric thing. But my mind is racing on what color to paint it. Lol. I love the new color!!

  2. Like it and the draw thingie.