Saturday, December 5, 2015

Christmas on the Porch

The porch may look a little hodge podge this year, because I tried to use things I already had on hand, or things that I found extra cheap. 
Lucky for me, the flea market style is in right now. ;)

I hit Big Lots up on their black Friday sale, and scored these cute plaid blankets for $3 each. I love how throwing a blanket on something is like adding instant shot of cozy. 
The pillows are from my Etsy shop, The Parsonage Queen.

 I wanted a big ole sign on the porch, but didn't want to spend a lot of cash, so I snooped around in my hubby's stash of old wood in the backyard, and found this board. It was perfect - exactly what I was looking for. I painted some simple letters and, bam. I had my sign. Cost - $0.00 (Yay!)

The buffalo check pillow is from Hobby Lobby - I fell in love with it!

If I had a dozen pairs of old skates, I'd use every one of them. They look cute anywhere! I found these at Goodwill years ago.

So what I said about using stuff I already had? Yeah, I meant that. I even snatched my 4 year old's rain boots and stuck them out there. Hey, it works. ;) The urns that the trees were in seemed out of place with the other more rustic things, so I searched the house and found various "pots" to use instead. My favorite is the vintage ice cream maker bucket - that mint green color is my fave! 

I made the wreath with a sign and a few sled ornaments that I found at Big Lots. And of course, I had to add a touch of plaid with the ribbon!

I didn't spend much money at all, but yet, I love how it all came together. Sometimes the best things are things you already have. You just have to think outside the box, and re purpose things. Then you end up with something original and unique - and you still have some cash in your pocket!