Thursday, September 24, 2015


 We're still making progress in the dining room, and I'm loving where it's headed. We used to have a huge old china cabinet on this wall, but I needed more buffet space to serve food when we have company. So, we decided to lose the china cabinet (Thanks, craigslist!) put open shelves on the top, then build a buffet table on the bottom. 
I'm in love with these shelves! They're both 5 ft long, and 12 inches deep, so I can fit lots of pretties up there. And they were SO easy to build. I went to Home Depot, found 4 black gas pipes (I used 12 inch), 4 flanges, and 4 caps. Then I found a 2x12 board that was 10 ft long and had them cut it in half for me. Brought it all home, sanded and stained the wood, then hubby put it all on the wall for me. 
You can't see it from these pics, but we also put little 2 hole straps around the pipe to screw it to the wood, to make the shelves more secure. I live with a bunch of wild guys, gotta play it safe!

I couldn't believe it when I spotted this adorable industrial stool in the Thrift Store. I paid a whopping 6 bucks for it. 

The next phase is to build the buffet table under the shelves and I'm super pumped about that. Patience has never been my strongest point.... 

I've got my eye on a few light fixtures, too. I'll get there eventually.

I love how simple inexpensive projects can completely transform a room! I'm just wondering why I waited so long to get it done.


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    1. A 2 hole strap is a metal strap with 2 holes in it, one hole on each end, so that you can screw something together. It wraps around the pipe and holds the wood to the pipe.

  2. I love how you've included some darker elements but still have a light airy feeling. It gives me hope that I don't have to replace or refinish everything I own. (black piano included...)

  3. Hi Brittany,
    Love, love, love the shelves. I've always like the contrast between dark wood and white. Beautiful!

    Hugs and Kisses,

  4. Your industrial shelves look great! I love the way you have styled them, the buffet table will be perfect there. And, I LOVE the stool!

  5. I won't know your house the next time I'll come. I'll need an introduction! I love your ideas, I love your touch, I love you! Mom F.