Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I {Heart} Chalkboards

It's not a new idea, in fact, they are all over the place. However, if you don't have a chalkboard as part of your décor, you really should consider it. As a teacher, I obviously love them, but they are a cheap fix to switching out your decorations or wall art.
I found this really large frame at Hobby Lobby on their 90% off aisle. I brought it home with the intentions of spray painting it and decided I kinda liked the color for something different. Wes spray painted some cheapo board with chalkboard paint and then added it to the frame.
I usually change it up with the seasons. I have seen where some write a weekly Bible verse for their family to learn. Others use them for menu boards, some shopping lists. The ideas are endless.
You can see by comparing it with the kitchen table that this one is fairly large. Again, different sizes for different needs. I have a magnetic one for the fridge that is about the size of a wallet picture that we keep track of countdowns on.
I added a little garland to make it a little more festive. The pumpkins are really easy to make. Take 3 ovals, place 2 side by side and glue the 3rd one on top in the middle of the first two. Cut out a squatty rectangle for a stem and glue to the back. I inked the edges of my pieces with a brown ink pad to make them stand out a little more. Then I took a white gel pen and doodled along the edges.
See? Easy peasy!
Can you tell my two favorite things about fall weather? LOL!! Please, pass the pie while I snuggle in my hoodie...

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