Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Back To School

It's that time of year again, although I'm not sure how. Anyone else's summer fly by?

So, I shared the office side last week, what else is there to do besides share the school side this week?!

I. Love. It.

Last year we used the desk that I have now transferred to the office. It wasn't a lot of room and I had decided I wanted to try a table this year. So, I scouted out the yard sales. In came this beauty...
I had first thought I'd spray paint the bottom, but the more I looked at it the more I decided I must of had a little bit of heat stroke from yard saling. I got two of these babies for $10...much to the owner's chagrin. We had stopped and I couldn't make up my mind. I asked the lady how much she wanted for them and she told me $10 a piece. I said ok, looked them over, couldn't decide, so we left. We hit up a few more sales and I kept questioning myself about them, so my patient hubby took me back. I asked the Lord if we were supposed to have them that they would still be there and that I could get them both for $10 instead. I showed up as they were closing. She was not there, but her hubby was. I told him what she had told me earlier and asked if I could get them both for $10. He told me his wife was out taking the signs down, but she'd be back in a minute and he didn't see any problem in it. She showed up and I asked her the same question. She said no, that they were $20 a piece. I told her that's not what you told me earlier. She acted like I was lying and couldn't believe she even said such a thing. So, I said thank-you and hopped back in the car. While we were waiting to back up and I was relaying what had just happened to my hubby, she flagged us down. I got out and she told me her hubby and told her to let me have them for the $10! I just about hugged that man. Not quite, but just about. :)
The wooden chairs came from another yard sale for $0.50.

Later on in the summer, my own precious hubby came home from a motor show and told me he bought me something. Well, my mind whirled a little because I couldn't imagine anything I'd want from there. HAHA! He said if I didn't want it, he would use it in the basement I went outside to look in the trunk and saw this.
He told the man he bought it from that his wife was probably going to steal it. You bet your sweet doggies I was going to steal it!! Anyone who knows me, knows I love cabinets with lots of drawers. One of these days I'm gonna score on an old library catalog...excuse me while I daydream. 
Spray paint to the rescue...
He didn't have to do anything to the hardware except clean it up a little. He added a wood top and I about squealed. I seriously must need to get out more. The cute little cabinet beside it was also another yard sale find and it got a spray paint face lift, as well.
I might have also gotten the globe, books, typewriter, chalkboard, apple, slate, and ruler at yard sales, too. The typewriter might have been $1. The utensil holder and kid's pictures came from a thrift store. Fist bump! I made the pennant on the chalkboard out of a piece of scrapbook paper.
Have I mentioned I love yard sales and thrifting? You didn't catch that? HA!
Oh. And that ceiling light there in the last picture...all together now...YARD SALE!


  1. Going yard saling with you is on the top of my bucket list. Seriously, who finds wooden chairs for 50 cents?!? You rock. Everything about this room is just so cool, the cabinet - awesome, the table - awesome, the chalkboard - awesome, the old typewriter - awesome, and for real...a dollar?!? And why haven't I ever seen that gorgeous door? I love it!