Friday, August 28, 2015

A Touch of Fall

Y'all ain't never gonna believe what I've been doing. 
Yeah, I'm always the last one to the party when it comes to fall decorating. I just love summer so. It's hard for me to let it go. But I was feeling inspired, and I've learned that when the inspiration strikes, you go with it. 
I love using neutrals in my fall decor. I've never been a big fan of orange... 

I've been loving cotton stems lately. It just feels so southern or something. 

Yep, there's some more cotton. It's cool stuff.

I went ahead and sprinkled a bit of fall in the hall shelf while I was at it. 
I've totally surprised myself, starting fall stuff in AUGUST! (Gasp!) 
But I'm not giving up my flip flops just yet. 

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