Tuesday, August 18, 2015


We've been on vacation, so the projects are at a standstill. Who am I kidding? They've been at a standstill for months. Ha. I have a mile high pile. (Say that 10x fast). ;) 

Anyhoo, hubs decided it was time to clean out his shed at his parent's house. Guess who got first dibs before he added it to his SIL's yard sale? Yup, I added another pile to my already big pile of stuff to do. But, look at all those treasures!! 
Some will meet a makeover hosted by spray paint, some will stay in their rustic goodness. My SIL is letting me borrow the wooden toolbox. I had another treasure to bring too, but the o' Equinox will only hold so much. Haha. 

Stay tuned for some after projects. Oh. And, if your hubby says he's cleaning out, make sure you're peeking over his shoulder. 


  1. Great treasures for sure! Lucky Duck- free score!!

  2. If only my hubby's junk was that cool.... LOL!