Friday, August 21, 2015

Brittany's Kitchen...

Jenny took you all on a tour of her awesome kitchen, so now it's my turn. If there's a prize for smallest kitchen, I'm sure I would win it, LOL! One thing it's got going for it, is efficiency.

This kitchen has been evolving ever since we moved in 6 years ago. There are still things I want to do, like figure out a better light fixture, but we'll get there eventually. Who likes a good before and after photo? 

Here's the before...

And this is where we are now. Not completely finished, but it's come a long way. 

Here's the before of the other side...

And the after...

My favorite update has been the flooring. I'm SO excited to have the new flooring all finished. I absolutely love it. Huge thanks to my sweetheart for installing over 1000 square feet of flooring in a very unlevel and very unsquare house. His OCD was really kicking in.... LOL!

And here's the before shot of the dining room.

And the after. 
There are still things to be done in this room also, but I'm enjoying the progress so far. I got so inspired while watching Fixer Upper, I painted all the walls light gray, and I LOVE it! It looks so clean and crisp. I tell ya, that Fixer Upper gives me all kinds of ideas. LOL!


  1. Even though the kitchen is small, it grew after painting it. And, the flooring looks great!!

  2. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of flooring did you install? It looks great!

    1. Hi! We used Traffic Master laminate from Home Depot. This one is called Kingston Hickory.

  3. I would like to paint my cabinets also. But first I have to find my energy.............haha!