Thursday, August 13, 2015

Joy for the Journey

Well, this isn't exactly a home decor post, but we think you all might enjoy seeing little glimpses of other things we do as Pastor's wives along the way. We have a church camp meeting every year, and while we're all gathered together there, the ladies get together for a special service just for us. It's a special time, with music, special speakers, door prizes, etc. This year I was asked to decorate for the ladies meeting. They told me that the theme would be Joy for the Journey, and that they wanted fun bright colors. The gears in my head immediately began turning like crazy...

My bicycle sure made a great prop! My sweetheart built the little fences for me, and I just love how they turned out. He was less than thrilled about having to take all this stuff apart, and load it in the back of our SUV, along with all of our luggage... this poor man goes through a lot for me. Haha! Lord, Bless him...

We set up a table in the back for programs and handouts. A friend of mine helped me out, and let me borrow some fun vintage things to add to the set up. (Hi, Chari!)
She tells me that this quilt was pieced together by her great grandmother when she was young lady. Some of the fabrics she used were from the 1800's. The whole thing is made by hand, no sewing machines were used. I think the Double Wedding Ring pattern is just beautiful. What a keepsake! It really looked sweet as a tablecloth for our table.

We certainly enjoyed our time of fellowship with other ladies. I failed to get any photos of the speakers or musicians as I was out in the halls chasing around a very bored, very high energy 4 year old shortly after the service started... 
Bless his heart, he's keeping me active...or is it exhausted? Yep, definitely exhausted. If God can harness all that energy and help him to use it for His glory, he'll do amazing things one day. But till then, I gotta double up on my vitamins...


  1. Hello, Brittany, I loved this post. Jesus helped you and the decor for the ladies' meeting turned out great! Adorable!
    I agree with you! Our husbands do "put up with a lot" with us, don't they?! So thankful for the Dear Husband Jesus gave me! Bless Him! :-)


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