Thursday, July 9, 2015

Boys Room Update

My little men are growing up. 
Sometimes it makes me sad that my babies are grown up, but then, they've turned into such sweet and smart boys, and they're so much fun to be around, that I'm proud of what they're becoming. 
(forgive this mama for getting all sentimental and losing her train of thought there...)
The point is, they've grown out of their cute little cowboy room. The room was also in serious need of repair, so we gave it a total overhaul. New ceiling, walls, paint, everything. Jackson's only request was that I use navy blue in there somehow because that's his favorite color. So, we took that and ran with it.

This is the before pic... It was cute when they were little, and loved to dress up in their hats and boots and play cowboys and Indians. 
(But at ages 9 and 11, they're faaaaar to mature for that now, dontcha know...)
Bye Bye little Cowpoke's Bunkhouse!

And here's the new and improved, 
The lamp over the bed was a Pottery Barn item that I scored for cheap  on eBay, I just put a new shade on it. The curtains were made from twin sheets, cheap and easy. The bedding was a bargain from Target, and I made the throw pillows with some fabric I had in my stash.

These wire baskets from Hobby Lobby makes a perfect place for the guys to stash some bed time reading material. 

I love how the plank ceiling turned out - I wish I could do all our ceilings like this. But my poor hubby would have a mild heart attack I'm sure... We tried to make the ceiling fan look a bit more masculine by adding the cage style covers over the lights. I got them online for 3.99 each at

The boys actually got a painting lesson, and they helped paint their dressers. Gotta make good little DIY-ers out of them!

The vintage desk was given to them, and I just love it. The indoor outdoor rug was from Target. 
The floors in this room are over 100 years old, and as far as I know, they've never been refinished. Things like that just get my mind to many other little kids have played on them...if only these floors could talk, I'm sure there'd be lots of interesting stories and memories.

Jackson was shopping with me in TJ Maxx. He was actually quite bored, trying to entertain himself while I shopped, then he got all excited and said look Mom, there's some cool letters, and it's a J and a C, perfect for our room! I was so proud. Made my day. Of course I HAD to get them. Then later, I found the "&" on a different shelf, and we both got excited. Haha! 

We found the lockers on craigslist, and refinished them. I can't seem to locate the before pic, but they were an ugly dull blue color. These things are a lifesaver. The big boys can put their prized lego creations in there, and it's safe from little brother, or as they like to call him, Taz.

The amount of storage in these things is amazing. It's so much easier to keep their room organized with these. Besides that, they're just so COOL!

I had fun putting this room together for them, and the they are super thrilled with it. Happy kids, happy mama!


  1. Oh, that does look great!! I remember how bad those lockers looked, and they look great now! I know that storage has to be awesome for the boys! Love the nautical theme!!! (and yes! Those boys sure are growing fast!!)

  2. Love it! I've always like the nautical theme, and now it's so popular!

  3. It looks great! Navy, nautical, galvanized metal, what's not to love? Wes thought he had found me some lockers. No such luck. I'm gonna have to check out those light covers.

  4. I like making curtains out of sheets. Cheap and easy. In fact, I have been looking for some sheets to make curtains in my living room. So far I haven't found any that make me want to let go of any money.......haha

  5. This room just looks adorable! I LOVE the nautical theme although - there isn't a stitch of it in my house! :) Great looking room!!

  6. The room looks so great! just love it! What is the fantastic gray color on the wall? I must know! :)

    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! The gray paint is called Argos from Sherwin Williams. I love it - it's a perfect gray! 😊

  7. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog, Brittany. I enjoyed seeing the make-over of your boy's room. I love Navy and White and think you did a great job pulling it altogether. NOW... I'm convinced that I NEED a set of Lockers for our boys' room in the USA! ;-) What a great place to HIDE the toys! :-)