Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Decorating on the Fly

Last week I visited my family and my sister has just purchased her new home. It is a cute old house that has been redone in the farmhouse vibe. She asked for some help decorating and who doesn't like spending someone else's money?
The only problem was, we had about a day and a half to go shopping, figure out how to hang shelves without the hubs around, and decorate. You only get to see bits and pieces because I literally left her in a huge mess. I took my camera, but left it at mom's. Oh well. You get the idea.
This HUGE clock was found at AtHome. Normally, I find their stuff a little more pricey, but it's another source if you're looking for something and not finding it anywhere. I spotted this clock and she exclaimed she had been wanting one like it. I was a little scared to look at the price, but it was actually cheaper than Hobby Lobby's clearance and double the size! The table/desk came from Walmart.
The previous owner left three old doors behind in the shed, so we snatched one and placed it in a corner. Free works the best! The chair was found at a thrift store, as was the antiques sign.
Mr. Bentley wanted to make his debut in the decorating world. The animal prints came from Hobby Lobby. If you haven't been in awhile, they have really upped their farmhouse game!
These shelves. My sister is pretty handy, but we usually rely on my hubby to carry out my evil plans. He had to stay home this time, so it was up to her. We went to Menards because we knew they had a premade shelving section. The boards we picked have the look of old wood, but the brackets offered were not what we were going for. So, I quickly texted my SIL asking where to find the pipes they had used. Because. Well. It wasn't working describing it to the associate. HA! After we found the stuff, we then had to decide the right size, which we did not and had to make a return the next day, but whatever. We made the mistake of asking an older associate for help in mounting it to the wall due to it being an older home and not having drywall on some of the walls. He then proceeded to talk our arm off while the entire staff of Menards were waiting on us to check out so they could lock up and go home. She decided she could figure it out better than he could and long story short, they're up and I haven't heard of any horror stories. Yet. They're pretty much not going anywhere.


  1. What an adorable house! Sounds like y'all had a fun couple of days 😂 I'm totally in love with the old door and how you styled it! It's awesome!