Monday, March 28, 2016

Hall Tree

Ok, I got this bench/hall tree right before we got the goodwill. I love it, but I have such a hard time decorating it. I realize that it is supposed to serve a functional purpose, but I do not have room at my entrance. Nor do I rarely use things the correct way if we're being completely honest.
I recently moved it out from the hallway area into the piano room just for fun, kicks, and giggles. It needs a new paint job, but I'm still trying to decide if it's staying.
Sign: Down Grace Lane
I stole some décor from my living room to play around with it, but I am struggling here. HA! I really like the piece and the bench helps store décor, but I just can't ever seem to get it right.
So, I'm gonna do some brainstorming on here and get ya'll's opinions.
Source-Joss and Main
Source- The Enchanted Cove
Source Classic Homeworks
Source Maison Décor
Source Hayneedle
Source The Lilypad Cottage
Any suggestions?


  1. I like the candles on The Enchanted Cove and the hats and pillows from Maison Decor,

  2. Honestly, I like yours the best! I love how you styled it. I also love the simplicity of that last one there, from Lilypad cottage. The throw under the pillows is a nice touch that I wouldn't have thought of.