Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Mantel Makeover

Happy Groundhog Day! The prediction has been given for an early spring. And, everyone said, "Hallelujah!"

Shockingly, it didn't take me too long to take down my Christmas d├ęcor, but getting something back up was another story. I wasn't feeling any mojo or creativity. So, my mantel sat there lonely and calling out for some attention. I still ignored it. It beckoned to me to put something pretty on it, but alas, I was not in the mood.

I had decided a few months ago that I wanted to paint the living room. That obviously was not going to happen during the holiday season. So, a couple of weekends ago before the great snowmageddon hit, we ran to Lowe's really quick to grab paint. Nothing like being snowed in to encourage a project. We went with the same paint color that is in our kitchen. It is a very light gray-Gray Beard. It feels so much lighter and airier.

It looks kinda white in the pictures, but you can tell a difference when the white trim pops next to it.
I really liked this mantel by Heather and I wanted something similar.
Photo Source: Instagram-hhpennington
My SIL came through with the basket, as I mentioned before, but I had the hardest time finding candlesticks. I thought they were everywhere, but I don't know how many stores I went to looking for some. I wanted the rustic, farmhouse look. Michaels finally came through and I was able to use two different coupons on them. Saweet! When in doubt, ask. They were two different kinds of coupons, so that's why they let me.
The wreath came from Target. It was on sale and then I was able to use the Cartwheel app on top of it for an additional discount. Get those coupons, peeps!
Wanna see some before and after pics?
Now, if only the rest of the living room would go as I have it envisioned in my head.
Think warm, spring thoughts! The groundhog said so.


  1. I love it!!!! Can't wait to see it all in person in a couple of weeks. Maybe I will get some inspiration...I'm lacking as well.

    1. Well, unless I get to moving, this is it. Haha.