Saturday, January 30, 2016

Thrifted Chair Gets a Makeover

Happy Weekend, friends! We are TOTALLY enjoying a gorgeous warm sunny day here in Alabama the Beautiful. We're soaking it up while it lasts, I've got the windows thrown open and I'm loving this warm breeze and fresh air. Good for the soul, I tell ya. I guess I was feeling the need for some Spring time, because I couldn't pass up some fresh flowers from the grocery store today!
This cute little shopping tote is in my shop, The Parsonage Queen.

 I told you guys I'd show you the before photo of the chair I snagged from the Thrift Store. Well there she is, folks. Straight from the 70's with her lovely gold velour fabric and gold trim on the wood...

I really want to recover the seat with new fabric, but for a temporary quick fix, I painted it with some cheap fabric paint. Cuz gold just ain't my thang.

I used white chalk paint on the rest, and I'm loving how much brighter it is now. Not bad for 15 bucks. It doesn't have to take a wad of cash to make a pretty room. 

Do you follow us on Instagram? Well you should! We're hosting some super fun hashtags with prizes and everything. This week, we want you to share your photos of neutral decor with us, and the winner will get this tote bag from The Parsonage Queen! There have been some super stunning photos already, you'll want to check it out. And we'll be doing new themes and new prizes EVERY WEEK! How awesome is that?! You can click on the Instagram link over there on the right of this page to follow us, and the hashtag is called #chapelcottagecrushes

 I created this pillow to use for Valentine's Day decor, and ever since I put it in there, I can't get that song outta my head! ;) I thought you guys might like it too, so I listed it in the shop as well. You can get your own "Kiss me under the light of a Thousand Stars" pillow cover from The Parsonage Queen.


  1. Love the chair! So You painted the velour with fabric paint? is it able to be sat upon or is it just for looks?

  2. Oh yes, we sit on it all the time. It's very functional, it's just not as soft as it was before. Thanks!