Tuesday, January 26, 2016

May I Freshen Up Your Coffee?

Or, coffee bar?
It all started on the clearance aisle of Hobby Lobby. I had been wanting a tiered tray, but they were either out of my price range or too tall. I spotted this one and it was just the right height. I checked the price and there was that pretty yellow sticker that said, "Buy me. I'm on clearance." But, alas, it had this huge heart on the top and well, I'm just not into hearts that much. Upon further investigation, I noticed that the heart twisted off. So, I boogied over to the knob and handle aisle and wouldn't you know they were also on sale. Fate, I tell ya. I just knew this tray was to be mine. HAHA!!! So, after many knob fittings, we found one that matched and agreed on-Mom, my two sisters, and hubby. I think my 7 year old might have also given her opinion, as well.
Now, if you're a regular on Instagram and Blogger, you'll notice all kinds of these trays loaded up with cute little decorations. I needed mine to be functional. Coffee, of course, because it's a coffee bar.
It also hides my sugar-free chocolate. Hee hee! I'm also looking for a little sugar packet holder for my Stevia, but now that I want one, they're no where to be found.
This little green tin was also on clearance at Hobby Lobby. It's my favorite color and has the whole farmhouse charm, so I got it with the intention of sitting it in my window sill. However, it was too big and so it's making it's debut here on my eBay scales.
The galvanized clock is a new arrival at Ikea. It was only $5.99 and I was digging it, so it came home with me. It was also too big for it's original destination, by like an inch, and fit perfectly here. The plates all came from Goodwill, as did the pie safe.
 Stay warm and have a blessed day!
Brittany and I have been on the same brain wave apparently, because we're painting and freshening up the living room and hopefully some other rooms. However, ours is still in the disaster stage, so it'll have to wait to make an appearance on here.


  1. That little tray was clearly meant to be! ;) Your coffee station looks awesome!

  2. That little tray was clearly meant to be! ;) Your coffee station looks awesome!

  3. It's perfect!! And I think a trip to ikea is in order. Must check out all of new goodies!!:)