Monday, November 23, 2015

Ghosts of Christmas Past....

Jenny suggested we each do a post from our Christmas past. Well, if I go back to our first Christmas as a married couple, that was before digital cameras! It was all film back then, baby. Let's get started on this tour, shall we?
First stop, 1998. I'm calling this the year of the Charlie Brown Christmas tree. ;) And we had a whopping 3 presents under it, Haha!

 Then in 1999, still shooting with a Kodak 35mm film camera...

Who else remembers putting borders around the top of all your rooms? And those Home Interiors pictures that everybody had? And oh my goodness at age 21 we looked like children.

 Fast forward to 2003. The year we bought our first real house. And had our first baby boy. I was all into the whole Victorian decor thing back then. Roses everywhere. Even the Christmas tree was all mauve and gold.

We were now pastors at our first church, obviously still into the Victorian decor.

Different house, same decor.

We'd moved to a different town to pastor a different church, and bought a house there. 
I loved the gingerbread dining room.

 The tree lost the pink Victorian stuff that year, and I went all burgundy and gold everywhere.

We moved to our current house that year. But it was quite a bit different back then!
I had resurrected the Victorian ornaments and put them  on a tree in the dining room. 

The living room was painted "muted gold", but looking back, it doesn't seem to be very muted. Haha!

 That was back before we turned the den into a guest room. The den was all fun and beachy and had a silvery tree. 

I had painted the walls Comfort Gray, and decorated in blues and whites. 

I went with some whimsical fun decor on the porch, and I had a cool red door.

 The boys had a cowboy bunkhouse room then, and a cute little western tree.

Nothing had changed very much that year...

The burlap craze had hit full force and I had bits of burlap sprinkled all over the place.

The walls got painted once again... 
I went for a more rustic feel that year, using the washtub for a tree stand, and lots of real pine greenery. 

Evidently I got super lazy last year, because there are ZERO pictures other than cell phone instagram shots. Yeah, pretty pathetic. I kinda glammed up the mantel last year.

Isn't it funny how styles change from year to year?? The photography has gone through stages, too. Stay tuned for Christmas 2015 edition! ;)


  1. Hahaha!!! I love it!!! "Muted gold that wasn't very muted." It's so fun to see how things change.

  2. You've always had such beautiful style, Brittany. I love the last tree there!