Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Built-In Restyled...Industrial Style

I am really bad about wanting to refresh an area and stealing my décor from other spots in the house. The built-in cabinet is usually where I head and it was starting to look a little bare, so I went shopping upstairs and brought a few things down. Now, I'll have to fix all that later. However, company isn't usually allowed up there because that's where the things I haven't got put away yet MESS goes. HA! Did I just say that?
This room was starting to get an industrial vibe from this area, so I just added some more touches. Not sure why, but I'm totally into that style.
It's kinda had to see through the doors in the picture, so I thought I'd give you a closer look.

See the frame in the background?
It used to look like this:
No offense to JW, but I'm just not into Elvis. I liked the frame from the thrift store, so I just popped off the back and wrapped scrapbook paper around it for a fall touch.
This is a tacky picture, but it shows you that if you watch, with some time and patience you can score some cool things at a yard sale and/or thrift store. All those yellow circles came from just that. And, I might throw in...just because you're at a yard sale does it mean it's going to be cheap. We've been to a few lately where the people were just a little crazy. I ain't paying those kind of prices.
Sign: Down Grace Lane

Now, I'm gonna let you in on a little secret. So many people have commented to me before that my house always looks clean and put together. I assure you, it's not. We LIVE in our home and sometimes life around here gets plum crazy. I'm usually scooting something out of the way for a picture. I turn around and BAM!
Yup, just keepin' it real. And, well, this looks good compared to some areas of the house. HAHA!
Have a blessed week! Be happy, be bright, be real, be you!


  1. I seriously love that built in. Those super cool doors, the awesome hardware - love love love it! I think the last pic is my favorite. There's nothing cuter than a little guy in footie jammies dragging his blankie. :)

  2. Hilarious that you mentioned JW with Elvis. I was just thinking as I read that..."We have an Elvis afghan just like that!"😜
    My house is well lived in too. That's why you only ever see pics around the fireplace! 😄

    1. Hahaha!! I was pulling off his head and saying, "Sorry about that JW!" 😂