Thursday, September 17, 2015

And still more Fall...

Since I have several projects in the works, and none completed, I suppose we'll be continuing on with Fall today!
And by "in the works" I mean the ideas are thought out in my head...
My grandmother gave me this old piece, she called it a dry sink. I love the super heavy old mirror that matches it. She refinished them both years ago, and I can't bear to change it. I had fun dressing it up for fall!

I've used these little letter pumpkins for about 4 years now, and I still love 'em! (They're actually just spray painted plastic pumpkins with the letters drawn on with a Sharpie.)

 Next we have the bedroom mantel, which is always more of a challenge because of the super ugly screen hanging up there...

 And well, whaddaya know, there's more COTTON! I told ya I love that stuff. 

 TJ Maxx has some super cute fall runners right now. I love this one with the grain sack looking stripes on it. How cute is that?! 
I promise I'll try to come up with a different  topic next week. :)


  1. No different topics needed, fall decorating is one of my favorites. And you inspired me to actually do something this year! There are now fall decorations on top of the piano, and a halfway created table centerpiece. :)