Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Camping We Will Go

Every June our family heads off to our church's family camp. We love it and it's a time the whole clan looks forward to. We were given the opportunity to upgrade our room to double the size, but the only problem was that it hadn't had any work done to it. Well, you know us...that's right up our alley.
I painted entirely too much furniture for one week. I've met my quota for awhile...a couple weeks, at least.
We needed a bedframe and I was actually getting ready to leave to go see if the thrift store had one. My middle son had climbed on the camp golf cart and was pretending to drive it. He pushed on the pedal and ran into a pile of the furniture that I had outside painting. His mommy (sigh) had forgotten to turn the key off. My baby had just been over there and he barely missed him. Thank the Lord for just a few scratches on the furniture. Continuing on to the thrift store, my daughter and I came on a wreck and had to take a detour. (Sometimes I'm positive God stalls us to protect us). We turn down the road my phone directs us to and spot a yard sale. (I need a bumper sticker that says, "This vehicle makes quick U-turns for yard sales."). Guess what was there? My frame for a whopping $5. Isn't that awesome?


 The lamp, frame, and mason jar came from the thrift store. Spray paint to the rescue.
The quilt and coral pillow came from the clearance aisle at HomeGoods. The navy pillows, flowers, and clock are from Hobby Lobby.


  1. I saw Joy on Sunday. She loves what you did with the room. She said she can't wait to see what color you decide to paint the door of your room. Love you, Momma

  2. Now that is an awesome "camp" room!

  3. Wow! Your camp room looks gorgeous now! A Pretty room always makes a stay better, doesn't it. Cindy

  4. Wow! Soo much better! I am sure it will be much easier to worship and enjoy camp in a more up to date room. ;)
    I'm actually serious.

  5. Wow! Jesus and you made that camp room look so FUN and CUTE! :-) Love it!
    (I read your little comment above about being nervous. Don't be, we are all friends and "sisters" and we aren't judgin' you, we're enjoying your style. :-)

    Hugs from South America,