Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Decorating with Meaning

My favorite hubby and I are quickly approaching our 10 year anniversary...say what?!?!?! It's true. That man has put up with me for that long already.
We were out junkin' at a motor show (his favorite thing to do, my least favorite thing to do) and we spotted a huge selection of these old large safety pins. They all had different numbers on them and I thought it would be cool to find our anniversary date. Well, wouldn't you know we did and he bought it for me. It wasn't a price that I had in mind, so I was gonna leave it. It wasn't expensive or anything, but I just didn't really know what I would do with it. However, I'm glad he did.
For now, it's sitting in a vignette with a Willow Tree figurine he got for me while we were dating.
Just a little touch of sentimental added to our bedroom décor.
What is one of your meaningful décor pieces? Leave us a comment. We'd love to read about them.
Have a blessed day!

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